As part of our close cooperation with Sklep Koszykarza, who is the official partner of the Polish Basketball Federation, since 2019, we are responsible for the production and design of the gear for the Polish National Basketball team under the SK brand
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Together with SK, we created a dedicated set of game and practice gears. Shape, sizes, materials, branding, and colors were all carefully selected to ensure that a fully unique products is delivered. As a result, the Polish National Basketball team received new colors that accentuate the traditional white and red. Gray, black, and small gold accents made the uniforms different from all the past versions but remained respectful to the tradition.
Manufacturing the gear for the National Team is a big challenge but also a great honor, Simultaneous delivery of products for all national teams and managing very demanding deadlines has become every day at Just For Sport. All the hard work put into this project has proven that there is not a challenge that we will not accept.


_personalized shapes
Game uniforms and practice gear were designed in close cooperation with the National Team’s players. By following their recommendations and vast experience, all the aspects of the clothes were made in a way that provides them with full comfort.


As part of the project, we created a wide range of clothes that players use off the court. Dedicated hoodies, t-shirts, and polo shirts were created with the highest quality design and materials to ensure that the team looks great in every situation.